MPLS folks:

I'm going to host a cyberia "Soupchat IRL" BBQ event to act as a sort of meet and greet / staging area for new folks which we haven't met in person yet, but who are interested in helping out with the physical space

If you wish to chow down with us, and especially if you want to help with the cleanup/renovation, please let me know when you would be available!!

The event will be held in my back yard.

You are not required to bring food, however you are welcome to bring prepared food, or food that can be grilled.

After you have specified the days you would be available, send me a DM on matrix ( or an email ( to get the address / parking information / etc.

@starless please ReToot this I know you have a much larger local fedi following than I do 👉👈🥺

Sorry, I should specify, this is happening in lyn lake area. it looks like most folks will be available Tuesday the 14nth. 2nd most likely day: Monday the 13nth.

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