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Extremely timely in light of the immediate defence reaction on the fediverse of the new fascism social networks:

Science shows deplatforming works

Keep deplatforming

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Dear Internet, I'm helping an old man who's almost blind. His computer is really important to him, but he's losing what's left of his sight rapidly. He uses Windows on a normal PC. Can anyone recommend tools/settings/software I can help him try? #a11y #toot

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my boss: *about to cry in the zoom meeting* I'm just so grateful for this team...
me: *didn't hear what she said, I'm studying this image on my phone*

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normalize being a sleepyhead


its' ok to be a little tired. take a nap and be all tuckered out

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when will my autism diagnosis return from the field of American psychology

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The Book of the Dead
is an ancient Egyptian
funerary text

St Paul landlords rent increase campaign 

Per a St Paul friend not on Mastodon:

Check to see if your landlord gave money to the fat cats campaign for increased rent (St Paul edition):

If you'd like more info about the St Paul rent stabilization ballot amendment or how to get involved please let me know and I'll connect ya.

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i literally did not know before now that the tragedy of the commons guy was a malthusian and a white nationalist

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terminally online shenanigans, terf shit, margaret atwood 

anyway if you’re not terminally online and you need some context, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale has publicized an essay contending that trans women are preventing people from using the word “woman” in a take that looks and smells like some “war on christmas” type shit

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One of the first things a really problematic user of any web service will do is block its admins if possible, usually after being reminded of rules.

I have no idea why this is allowed in mastodon. You control your own followers, and we can see your posts from the admin tools anyway if we need to. It's not clever; it means you chose your instance poorly and will be yeeted once we notice.

Anyway, don't assume a mod sees the same problem posts you do and has been ignoring them. Report them. :)

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please join my political campaign to raise the minimum wage in the US so that military recruiters can't prey upon poor people anymore. I call it 

@g1comics @owl @crowlad Wage Against the Marine

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i have spent a long time thinking about what the free software movement means to me, and why i care about it. i’ve decided that, for the most part, the free software movement is missing the point.

i’ve decided that i care about ethical software, not free software.

it’s not how free the software is that matters. it’s who uses it, and what they use it for.

most software must have its source available in order to be ethical - but that is not a requirement.

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medical device, hacking, recall, diabetes 

Medtronic is recalling insulin pump controllers because they allow third parties to change settings to fatal values--murder by hacking. The potential for this has been known for decades.

Text of love poem 

I'm still figuring out how to use stuff. 😅

Text of the poem reads:

Have I knelt at the altar of your beauty before?
Have I sucked dew from your skin and slept in your shade?

Petal by petal, my fingers trace the world in your skin
And you are as a cherry blossom tree;
blooming after many winters.

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- the user's time is not yours, and wasting it is unacceptable. this means that you must both make the product easy to learn and easy to customize, automate, and accelerate

- if you tell the user that something has happened, saved, or worked, and it has not, you owe them money

- telling users what has actually gone wrong when an error or exception occurs not only helps them make better decisions but also reduces load on your customer success team. "sorry, something has gone wrong" is unacceptable and insufficient

- users will happily update their software to avoid security problems, lose bugs, increase performance or gain features. they will not do so if all you say is "bugfixes and performance improvements". if you do that and then people get hacked through an old version, that is your fault

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Here's another finished work.

Not the greatest photo because this fun peice was a gift for a friend of mine who just moved to a new home.

She painted the living room while I painted this canvas for her. So it was dark and late by the time we were done and I got this photo.

I'll share a better picture when I have one

Clouds for Ash
Acrylic on canvas
No idea what size this baby is. 20 x 34" or something close.


Hi I am a big goof and wrote a love poem.

I like it but also my situation is not one where I should really necessarily be exchanging love poems right now. So, y'all get a secret poem till I'm ready to give it to them.

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