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I realize I don't think I introduced myself.

Hi, I'm Starless. I am usually a soft human who likes building things, spaces, and worlds. Sometimes I paint, sometimes I program, and sometimes I do leatherwork. When my hearing is behaving, I'll sometimes make music, too.

I've built a few technical projects. Lately, I've been working on getting portable receipt printers to make cool stuff (like fortunes and quests). I have some background in manufacturing and medical devices.

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Please consider donating: Help him fight back.

These White cosplayers stole an Indigenous language, copywrite it, & are now selling it back to the Indigenous community at exorbitant rates.

They recorded his grandmother speaking & now they are taking legal action to prevent him from accessing the language & *speaking his own language.* He is a language instructor.

#Indigenous #Native #NativeAmericanLanguage #LanguageRevitalization #RayTakenalive

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Fun fact: You can make your own #Amiibo at home, and they work in #TotK and any other game! You can also make them pretty, if you're crafty. I just don't care enough rn to put the time in. lol

To make them, you just need a phone with NFC support (yours probably has it) and NTAG215 stickers. I put mine in these little plastic coins to protect them. They work like a charm and are a much more affordable way to collect in-game content locked behind Amiibos--especially the ones that are harder to track down.

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Hi Fedinerds, I need your help. I have a #Thinkpad X240 that sometimes randomly refuses to boot up with the Error "1802: Unauthorized network card is plugged in"

The thing is, the network card in there is the original card, and sometimes it does boot successfully. So I think the error message is some kind of error itself, caused by something only being sometimes wrong, that causes the Scan for the network card to go bad.

I can't even boot into the BIOS, no matter what I press, I get the Error code.

Anyone got any ideas? Boosts would be appreciated, I really wanna be able to use this Laptop more consistently

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US covid test recall 

“SD Biosensor, Inc. today is requesting that consumers stop using and dispose of specific Pilot COVID-19 At-Home Tests in the United States because potentially harmful bacteria were found in the tube with liquid inside (pouch 2 of the kits). “

Lot numbers at the link:

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annoyed at white nonsense 

ah, getting worked up at the phenomenon of white people doing that thing where they apologize on behalf of other white people when i am wishing for the tiniest amount of solidarity, but they are too inculcated in the act of closing ranks with their own and showing solidarity for white people instead.

(this is not a subtoot, i just experienced this with an off-fedo encounter. but if you feel guilty about it, i don't want to fucking hear it, go talk to your cat or your white friends about your feelings.)

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MH, burnout, asking for book or podcast recommendations 

Can anyone recommend me books or podcasts about burnout because of chronic illness or neurodivergence?

I know it's a thing but most I find are about burnout related to work or taking care of loved ones.


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Our society has a problem with grief.

For one, our society's institutions don't teach much about grief or how to support others through it or how to deal with grief in a healthy way.

Second, our society doesn't provide time for grief. People are barely given any leave for a death of a loved one, and there's no time given at all for grief that stems from other issues like: grief from discriminatory laws that harm us, grief from mass death and disablement, grief from people failing to treat disabled people as worthy of life, grief from my continuing loss of physical activities, etc.

Grief requires us to be present in the moment. It requires us to acknowledge our emotions. It requires us to seek the source of the grief and acknowledge its existence. It requires us to be kind to ourselves and allow space for the grief. It requires us to adjust our life to heal from the source of our grief. It requires us to act to address the harm that caused the grief.

All of these actions oriented around grief makes us more aware, more conscious of the actions done to us and what we do to others, and pushes us further down a path toward liberation.

Acknowledging, addressing, giving time for, and acting upon grief makes us Less productive for the capitalist machine. Because grief strips away the distortions that muddle our ability to see what we face.

Grief forces us to see the source of our grief. When we acknowledge the source of our grief, this gives us space to act and change/adapt as needed, so that we may find healing and/or find a way to alter the source so that it no longer causes harm and induces grief.

This is one way we can learn to recognize the harm capitalist has done through the fact it is a source of our complex sets of grief.

To recognize, to acknowledge, and address the source of our grief means dealing with the harm of oppression from the current capitalist colonialist white supremacist systems that harm us and cause upwellings of grief.

So it is crucial for us to gather collectively to recognize and acknowledge our shared grief over these myriad, harmful issues and oppressive institutions and actions.

Then we must collectively seek ways to act to address the source of our grief. To change it toward a healthier, more healing, more equitable, more just set of actions and ways of being. Which in turn alleviates the grief.

That's a part of liberation that I wish we would discuss more.

#Grief #Liberation

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Did you know that 78 RPM was only a suggestion for the first few years of phonographs? If a record was recorded at a different speed, it changes the key of the song to play back at 78. A remarkable website allows you to tweak the playback of old recordings to get the speed right, and to take out hiss & pops and to simulate room tone. It’s like colorization for music. This is the instructional video for the collection. #Edison #Cylinders #78RPM #MusicalHeritage

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police and us gov brutality resources 

are there like resources for folks who get attacked by police or swat or whatever gov forces exist but are not their intended target?

pro bono lawyers, therapists, etc?

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Please boost, job search May edition 

I'm not gonna stop making these posts until I get a job! Also, yes, I am applying in other places, not just waiting for suggestions here. Referrals help a lot and this job market is kinda bad! :aliceweh:

  • Comp sci degree
  • 1.5 years as a software test engineer
  • Python and NodeJS for my relevant experince, but I'm a fast learner and know a few others as well (Rust is a new one)
  • Same field, full stack web dev, sysadmin, or dev ops stuff is right up my alley
  • Looking for remote, but can commute (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, USA)
  • I'm a trans woman, so clear acceptance/queer coworkers are a huge plus

I'm open to contract work and other positions than the ones I listed, but full time would still be best. DM for a resume or any questions, take a look at my site for some examples of things I do!

Thanks so much for all of y'all's continued support! I still haven't given up yet! :aliceheartblack:
#GetFediHired #HachyJobs

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Never thought of humans in this perspective. But now, I can't stop. (by u/Nancyy1302)

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We made a cozy, kind space where you can take a break from the grim in the world.

Because (actual, off duty) clowns act as hosts, we call it the #CircusInPlace video chat.

Starting at noon (CDT/UTC-5), you'll find us there practicing our circus skills. I'm told we make for good company, and I always appreciate it when people drop in to watch, say hello, or even just show up quietly because they need a place to be.


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nude drawing 

Figure study 23-05-01. Ballpoint on A3. #art makes a fine gift

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We report: it is always a privilege to catch a sunset in its entirety. We usually get a glimpse, sometimes a flash of some rare colours. Tonight, when we saw the clear sky, we turned to the West and we were lucky enough that the sun decided to set there and then.

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in which chatgpt wastes an hour of my life 

For a few days I've been emailing back and forth with an agent to schedule an apartment tour. Today we make the 20 minute drive there, and the receptionist says "oh, we don't have any units to show right now."

"But I booked a tour through an agent."
"Who'd you message?"
"Oh, Kate is our bot. Have you heard of ChatGPT?"

This is how I find out they use AI to schedule tours, but the AI doesn't have access to their booking info. We live in hell

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Constant reminder that you shouldn't willingly pay for the NYTimes and that you can read it online for free in perpetuity with an email address and this access code via the Berkeley Public Library

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If you're an instance admin, would you be happy to opt in to a 'list of trusted instances for people new to fedi who need a safe instance' that asks you;

- Are there BIPOC/queer/disabled/neurodivergent people on your mod team
- Do you maintain a block list, either importing from a trusted source and/or actively monitoring fediblock
- Do you proactively moderate
- Do you defederate from instances that don't moderate hate speech
- Do your rules prioritise safety of marginalised folk


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We've received some lovely compliments about the little virtual space we've created in the #CircusInPlace video chat. The one I always find myself reaching for when describing the thing we do three days a week is the word "cozy".

Should you find yourself needing a cozy (albeit often silly) place filled with friendly people, we'll save you a spot.

We'll be there starting at noon (CDT/UTC-5), enjoying each other's company well into the evening.


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