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The big difference between Cosy Mode and Heartbreak Mode is that the people in Cosy Mode like being in Cosy Mode, and the people in Heartbreak Mode hate being in Heartbreak Mode but do it anyway.

People go into Heartbreak Mode because they think that a website has to grow forever, and this is madness. If a website carried on growing forever, then eventually everyone on the planet would be on that website all the time.

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one of those demon hackers your druncle told you about. live-coding music jam! 

Heya! On Saturday, March 13th at 0000 UTC/1800 CST, the Cyberia Computer Club will be hosting our first Orca jam session!

Come chat with us about it in on matrix (and for submissions) and find the rest of the details here:

We've all been using orca for less than a week, so it'll be real casual and stuff. We're still figuring a lot out. Consider yourself invited! 💙

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I'm working for a big tech company in California. Yesterday all employees received an email from our security guys.

We have to deactivate all personal assistant gadgets (like Alexa) during worktime in the homeoffice.

They have evidence that these gadgets are recording audio from conference calls.

Nothing new to me but notable that I've got this order.

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Heavy metal legends and outspoken copyright maximalists Metallica played a concert on Twitch, only to find their audio replaced with royalty-free chiptune library music by an automated copyright filter:


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Google fired the second of their AI ethics team co-leads, Margaret Mitchell, two months after firing the other lead Timnit Gebru for exposing critical flaws in Google’s AI practices.

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txpol - racism, scarcity 

our fucking pipes are freezing and people are going without water AND electricity in some places, btw. Low water pressure everywhere.

the power distribution is plainly racist too. guess which neighborhoods even get rolling blackouts instead of just continuous power outage?

I'm lucky enough to be somewhere with only the rolling blackouts, but the water is unreliable, and we've been having to fill toilets from a barely trickling sink to flush, and saving for when the water occasionally stops working.

The price of food is being gouged by supermarkets and stores everywhere, whenever food is even available. There is no relief being offered, it is a fucking free for all.

The governor apologizes for the "inconvenience" when we're having to fucking import trucks to transport extra bodies. I've heard ambulance sirens 24/7 since this started. The rich fucks gutted the energy system and replaced it with this broken free market scheme for power generation under ERCOT (glorified air traffic control for the grid of private generators), they could hardly give a shit. They've probably got friends raking in cash rn with their generators hooked up to the grid at partial capacity getting paid extra per megawatt due to the increased demand. No incentive to upgrade for coldproofing despite knowledge of this weakness, or rush to take more online quicker, but of course the free market will know what's best (extreme sarcasm).

Police, spam, dystopia 

I was woken up this morning by a robocall an hour before my alarm went off. It was a fundraiser call from someone operating a soundboard asking for donations to help some "friends of police" kind of org. They asked for donations for supplemental police training programs (notoriously violent) and widow support. They immediately hung up on me when I asked about their stance on de-escalation and non-violence training.

It was definitely a scam call. I'm not seeing any record of the phone number they called with, etc, but ugh... That whole experience just makes me feel gross. The soundboard voice was, like, 1950s Hollywood baritone male, which just felt, like, extra bad??

Ugh, get me off this ride.

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My Kicad panelizer is now available as a very nice website where you can just copy-paste the kicad board you want to panelize, set the options, and get the panel back

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Suburban nightscape with snow, pollution 

I went for a midnight walk yesterday and took this picture. Light pollution sucks, not doesn't make bad landscapes.

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I composed a mellow little song on my harp. I think it's a really just an accompaniment to a song, but I'm not sure. Maybe you'll like it?

May this year being you peace, justice, and growth.

Around this time of year, I find myself wanting to play more music. I'm not terribly Christian, but I often wind up playing Christmas carols on my harp out of convenience, etc.

This year, I think I'll do sea shanties instead.

(this is The Wellerman, pardon the unturned instrument)

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Aaaaaaaa I am so excited about the possibility of CAT EARS HEARING DEVICES!

Pandemic + 

Just ordered dinner while soaking in the tub. Not a bad evening in.

At this point, I don't think I could come out of the broom closet at work if I tried. Literally just asked for Samhain off at the end of the month, since we might need to be available overnight and my boss just went "yep, okay".

Good news? He's cool with it. Bad news? He asks how my Christmas was every year.

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me configuring a switch:

serial experiments LAN

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