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so,,, I recently commissioned a piece from @nalenthi and thought I'd post it here because it looks so amazing,,
also totally not goals I swear

it should be illegal to use .town for a commercial service

Copy/Paste but change what the bunny is holding.
( •_•)
/ > :blobfoxbox:

it me where's my giant bunny

should've added im curious about replies for "something else" :P

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local development webserver port

the delays and other network issues are still very infuriating at times though...

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it's kinda sad how good I am at xonotic even while suffering from huge (variable!) delays between click to actually shooting

can still clutch rounds rather consistently against most of the playerbase

veg. food 

remembered a dish I liked from childhood but hadn't had in a long time, turned out well

rather simple, sliced potato in cream with some garlic, nutmeg and cheese on top

block recommendation, CSA 

here's the admin of bragging about their tolerant community of people who fetishise children

i hate paternalistic warning messages like this. by all means tell me what other options are available to me but dont try to decide for me what's "preferable"

Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree was about lockdowns sitting here in boring rooms

think I need a new laptop, im running out of sticker space

toast on bread across the waters may be a delightful snack but over here it's just my cat sleeping on her pillow

anyone here in need of a mischievous goth horticulturist with a drinking problen who prefers talking to plants over talking to people? let's talk rates.

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if i wanted to interact with real people i wOULDNT BE IN VR, FACEBOOK.

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i have opened inumerable posts cw-ed "click here to die instantly" and yet i am disappointingly still alive, do better

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Smol server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.