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i've said it before and i'll say it again techbros and scrapebros are 100% worse for my blood pressure than any medication

#fediblock for the usual follow-bot nonsense - crawling the network and bypassing individual user blocks.

Their explanation is available here:

...complete with the typical "if you don't like it don't post in public" attitude.

Wow, this is actually a useful Github bot post!

Too often I see something is merged, but then I have to dig through the entire commit log to see what release it's in, if any...

I don't envy GTS folks for having to deal with "but maybe we can work with bigots just a little bit" kind of buffoonery now that a bunch of new people are showing up, but the responses make me happy.

(Public repost)

fun new sideproject to constant stream of dread pipeline


vacuum cleaners: like a leafblower for your house


me, soldering; i'm engi-neering my fucking limit

very 👀 at the Lenovo ThinkVision M14, as a nice portable extra 14" screen with usb-c

heh, I really like using this nice notebook over the shoddy college notebook, but a biig advantage from the college notebook is that I'd always have the college notebook open, giving an always-visible overview of tasks. the notebook is a lot easier to close (and put things on top!)

info request about CBT :boosts_ok_gay:​ 

I've heard a lot of criticism on CBT in passing over the years, but does anyone have a good overview/breakdown about it?

In my case specifically for ADHD, but general info welcome too.

(and yeah this is about cognitive behavioral therapy, not the uhh, other interpretation)

Resistance Leader: we need someone good at setting traps

Me, ADHD: *raises hand*

RL: for other people

Me: *lowers hand*


esp now that I have both 5mg and 10mg strips, something with two sections/sides would be nice

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It is that most holy of holidays - #goblinweek !

Goblin number one: stirring the pot.

maybe I should design a nicer case for my meds, the original cardboard boxes don't last very long in my backpack

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