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covid anxiety 

even with regular self-tests, the result still gives me anxiety


i'm going to make pasta soup for breakfast and nobody can stop me aaa!

Oh you're looking for 'engagement' on this platform? 

I'll engage your wife!


also this is a bank that does happily support all kinds of homeopathy and other anthroposofic shit

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sex worker exclusion, banking 

ok so my bank (Triodos) is going around twitter saying "sex workers are allowed to have accounts with us but they have to prove the money isn't earned by sex work" so??!?! guess I'll be researching if any of the other Dutch banks are less garbage, fuck this kinda shit

think I've listened to it (almost) fully at least 5 times now, and it released Saturday

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Sunday this railway maintenance thingy drove by, it was a very interesting sight

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generated with btw, free STL if you take care to not select the paid items

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gts fails to set profile info as a ploy to generate more reply-genders

it has literally never given me an relevant vulnerability report

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fucking hate github dependabot, all my homies hate github dependabot

What if Victoria's Secret is that she's a communist

the new Pola & Bryson album is soooo chilled, really really good

Pola & Bryson - Beneath the Surface


ok so I know buying food when hungry leads to bad decisions but now I have 4 different lunch options

@goat just listen to the Doom soundtrack. If BFG division doesn't angry up your blood nothing will

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