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covid, grim 

"This year I will give my family COVID-19 for christmas"

It's Trans Day of Remembrance and i just opened a Tabiverse planet that looks like the trans flag, coincidence? ;p

Can I task any of my UK friends with taking that gun away from Lucy? I'll pay you.

what im currently thinking about is 10eur for pcb+most parts (BYO esp32, oled, accelerometer)
and 20eur for pcb+all parts
It's a bit higher than cost but it also has overhead of buying more leds than needed etc

also this is just a 5 badge run for prototyping mostly, and im keeping 1 pcb bare for the archives

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uni gripes 

truly one of the worst parts about uni is that there is no time to catch up
missed a day because you were sick/tired/sad? haha fuck you!

do record labels forbid putting emoji in song titles?
like it occured to me I've never seen it

saw some toxic techbro "sites should be under 1MB" thing so I present: 999KB of 'a'

alc, covid rel 

are we allowed to drink outside again

now I need to like, see if other people want this, organize things, decide wtf I want to even do with the project, do I want to monitize or just break even, ugh

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ohh to be someone with a job instead of uni that can just blow money on projects...

meds dose question 

doctor told me to go straight from 10mg escitalopram to 20mg, but ive decided to ignore him and do 15mg for a few days first, then go up to 20mg from there, theres no reason i cant do that right

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