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general religion, questions, long-ish 

Stephen Diehl is painfully on-point in this one. We need to get rid of the cryptocurrency cult in the #Haskell community (and by extensions all other programming communities). Once and for all.

hehe new community to infodump all stuff around my projects, lets goo

my opinion on which html color names are the most edible. open to criticism

holy SHIT external flux makes SUCH a difference soldering

I bought this months ago why did I only try it now...

... are we going to have coffee/caffeine discourse again?

*yawn* ah yes, I also forgot to actually drink the coffee

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hmm maybe it'd help if I actually turned on the stove, instead of infinitely waiting for my moka pot

went okay, my old running shoes are too small though so switched to barefoot halfway through (more comfy anyways)

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firefox: ctrl+q was the worst shortcut ever created, fuck you

I have gotten lots of feedback from people on the NPL and CNPL over the past few months via email, bug trackers, dms, etc. First of all, thank you all, I'm glad I captured the imaginations of so many people for how strong Ethical Open Source licensing can work!

Just want to let y'all know I am getting all this and do plan to incorporate most of the feedback into the next version in the coming month or so (I'm planning to do two releases, one with only fixes and one with some additional protections). My everyday life has been incredibly hectic the past few months forcing me to take some time away from my projects, but fairly soon I should be in a normal-enough situation where I can address and integrate all the feedback I've gotten. The more minds we have looking at this, the better, so really, thank you for taking the time.

gender refunds like that campaign to get your money back for mandatory windows licenses coming with laptops

I want to try start running (again..) but not sure if I want to do that in evenings or mornings

and Im going to have such a hard time actually sticking it..

hard to swallow pills 

but also, how could I be sad while playing Keeno's grand orchestral vibes

: Keeno - Fading Fast

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living in a depressed dissociated daze

last week was incredible and now im just back home with both nothing to do and a todo list that keeps overflowing, and I can't get myself motivated for anything...

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Smol server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.