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it's that time again where I really want a pinebook

but rationally I know it's by *far* not powerful enough, current T460s is in good condition and still struggles with half my workloads

and if I'd start changing things to be lighter (offloading to a remote server for example), I could just be using my T460s with that setup...

also managed to take a nicer picture of these flowers behind a partly blown down fence

Fuck this mayor, fuck this vice mayor, using their raw authority to disobey their own rules, to shut down criticism from their own body. Fuck them.

Fuck the federal government, fuck every state, fuck every county, and fuck every municipality. Dissolve them all, shut them all down.

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and look who I ran into again, seems we both have a love for sunny elevated spots to chill :D

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reposting after @CherryKittens:
Brighten my day with the 9th picture in your camera roll. Don't explain unless I ask you to, then re-post this wording with the number I give you. Aaand go!

Use image descriptions, please!

(Also, no need to repost if you don’t want to, you can just send a picture regardless, if you want)


Stay positive and focus on what you can change without the help of authoritarian police brutality and your state recognized privilege! Love y'all! Stay positive!! ♥♥

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work musings 

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--, parents, covid 

work musings 

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can't believe "lets try just crashing the javascript thread with an exception" was something I seriously considered to make this trash work (and it didn't even help)

Wix really is absolute garbage from a developer pov

why do minecraft servers always go inactive after the initial hype bit

I didn't mention cause I was so hype about the donations I got but today someone flagged me down from acorss the street and was like "hey I heard about you, you have food, yea? Buddy I ain't ate since lunch yest-" bam some fruit and a meal (cold, but food.)

Again, that's cause y'all donate

What's a good website for someone on fb to learn to use the fediverse, microblogg-y mastodon style?

I've been using :)) a lot recently and I just had a panic if I accidently sent one with my Very Serious(tm) buisness email

luckily I did not

caf, food routine 

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Smol server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.