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finally cleaned my desk, and took some fancy pics of my setup with Haiku, my trusty Blahaj :D

mhh I cleaned my desk but need a new wallpaper for laptop before I can show it off

Perhaps I shouldn't habitually respond to "You're only human." with "PERHAPS FOR NOW, BUT I ASPIRE TO BETTER THINGS."

Pitching an exciting new tv show to ITV. It's called Gammerdale its Emmerdale but for gamers. Get back to me

a firm, hearty “shut up, bitch” to anxiety and depression

realised I had a nodemcu board on my floor, headers pointing upwards for possibly weeks. Glad I didn't step on it waay worse than legoes

@f0x Pixie town supplied vital support during the initial invasion!

The Hellsite-Notbird Peoples Militia, looking over into the now claimed land of during the Bofa war (2023)

Really nice, guaranteed slave-free leadfree solder wire with v good quality
I sent them an email, let's hope they ship to NL

alc, justice system 

turns out letting your coffee cool down to easy drinking temperature and then drinking quickly is a bad idea

ok, had my caffeine, laptop is borg-backing up to borgbase, time to finish cleaning my desk and then work on projects

@GreenandBlack @FuchsiaShock @policeinchains dont you just love it when "leftists" think people suffering from special needs should just fucking die a painful death from malpractice... natural medicine is just the lovechild of anprims and multi level marketing

yeah no thanks youtube the only good Dutch music DOES NOT HAVE DUTCH VOCALS

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