hmm not sure i can make the Neuromancer covers from A4 paper, it only leaves a tiny edge on each side, not really enough to wrap and hold it in place

oh and you also need extra space when opening the book, of course. maybe a glued extra piece of paper on the back would work though

printing my own covers for Neuromancer based on the Brazilian edition artwork by Josan Gonzalez. First test print already looks awesome!


left is the original paperback, right is my first testprint on normal printer paper

printed them at uni yesterday (A3 size) and they look great, but the scaling was wrong. Corrected for that and printed again today, good to know the scaling is consistently wrong across printers across buildings hah

but now I have properly sized prints and forgot to bring the books with me

@f0x "Deterministically broken" is definitely a level above the usual printer fare :blobcatupsidedown:

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