like i get what it's trying to do and it's good to think about your design in terms of what it does well / what it could do / what harm it does to which "stakeholders" but this template sucks ass

i also hate how uni wants us to use so many english materials/books/papers but then still expects reports etc in Dutch, which just hurts my brain because you still want to use terms from the papers and translating them might not be clear either..

@f0x I suffered a value destroyed upon seeing this

@f0x agreed, although sometimes the Dutch terms are so much better than the English ones. like "krimpende en verschrompelende segmenten" of dat "de keuzegrondstelling gelijkwaardig is aan de hulpstelling van Zorn en het welgevolgingsbeginsel", zodat we "gevolgtrekken dat in een pendelende ring met eenheid, elk leestbeeld bevat is in een grootst leestbeeld"

@Vierkantor oh yeah i wouldn't mind using dutch terms if we're writing dutch.. but we plainly don't learn the dutch terms (if they even exist)

@f0x fair enough! it is a slight hobby of mine to make up new Dutch terms if there is no good translation yet.

(my favourite achievement is to translate "cons", "car" and "cdr" into "koppel", "kop" en "pel")

@f0x ohh yeah, same thing at my uni in germany. at least for "usability and testing" where we have to write 10 pages in german, but all material are in english. Even the profs presentations are in english but the lecture is in german. yeah, a bit confusing sometimes xD

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