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D&D IDEA: play a character who is a cat. they only speak cat. they can understand a tiny amount of Common.

partner up with another player who takes cat as one of their languages.

you communicate with that player via text so they know what you're saying, but at the table, you express yourself exclusively with Cat Sounds and Gestures.

"vs code" is such a weird name for an editor like. yeah sometimes it's a fight but is that really what we want to be going for right up front?

if you go after people who need money for surviving this hellscape existence by spinning "self promotion" a bad thing, accusing people of "shilling", or whatever else bullshit you come up with to try to shame people who don't have shit they need:

please jump up your own asshole and die from how stinky it is

The highest mountain on Earth is known as Sagarmatha (เคธเค—เคฐเคฎเคพเคฅเคพ) in Nepali, meaning โ€œgoddess of the skyโ€ and Qomolangma (เฝ‡เฝผเผ‹เฝ˜เฝผเผ‹เฝ‚เพณเฝ„เผ‹เฝ˜) in Tibetan, meaning โ€œholy motherโ€. The name โ€œEverestโ€ wasnโ€™t given until 1865. Even the guy it was named after objected, and wanted them to keep a local name for it. Sadly, they did not.

The true names of places in the world always sound much nicer than the colonial names to me.

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Food Poll; Dairy 

hi~ im fenny and im doing art commissions~

my prices are $10 for a quick sketch, $25 for rough lines, and $35 for finished lines per character for portraits. You can also add flat colors for +$10, a simple background scene for +$10, and shading and highlighting for +$20

i'm open to doing more complex pieces and i'll adjust prices based on scene complexity

i'm also open to NSFW work, but please let me decide whether or not i want to accept it (there's subjects that i won't draw)

Hello! First post here~
You can call me Goo. I draw comics and my OCs a lot. Here's some of my works.
Nice to meet you! ๐Ÿ˜Š

#introduction #art


u ever just look at ur friends,,,, and ur like,,,,fkdhaskfpjkfdhsfjlsdakfhdsfklgdhsafdhsjsdflkdsgdsbljhfbdklsjfhadsjklsdhfsdjkalfhdsafjksd dHOW THE FUCK U SO CUTE GOD

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