If you people don't know, recently Bobby Moss was forced to leave the Glimpse project due to his employer. This means I have to take over handling the fork.

As of current I don't have time to maintain it, but I plan to get 0.2.2 released during my easter break. Which will be the last version of fork-glimpse before it goes maintinence/hotfix-only.

Glimpse NX is now the main focus of the rest of the contributors, which I have minimal involvement in, in terms of coding. So I hope you will support their work going forward.

@elfi Things are pretty eventful in Glimpse NX land though! People are working hard to get the design down and get everything ready to start coding on it. I'm excited to see what and the others are working on to come to fruition :)

@Clipsey yee, sad about the original though, I'll have to keep an eye on nx's development

@Clipsey how can I help with these ongoing efforts? The blog post mentions a lot of non-coding maintenance tasks which I can help with

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