Just found out that there’s an instance called “helvede.net” aka “hell.net” in Danish.
Apparently a Danish queer feminist instance. Both funny name and cool to see more Danish speakers on the fediverse

Has mastodon.social been blocked? I'm unable to follow a friend of mine who resides there =w=

boosts = a binding contract, in which you have to give me headpats

NixOS has managed to leave a really bad taste in my mouth today. Requested that packages for Inochi2D not be merged but someone told me that someone has started to package it for NixOS because I asked them not to.

If they do merge it without removing branding I may take legal action as the branding assets are owned by the Inochi2D project and may not be used in projects that may tarnish the image of the project.

Hence I don’t announce streams nor talk about Inochi2D here much. It’s not the space to do so.

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Oh an other thing is that mastodon for the most part is hostile towards businesses (which, makes sense tbh)

But as a content creator and open source developer I more or less drive a business, just one that doesn’t intend on making exponentially more profit.

So as a VTuber it’s kind of not the best place to be since social media for a vtuber is also brand building for their business.

So, especially for creatives like me. Mastodon is not a viable alternative to Twitter. It’s a completely different thing altogether that does it’s own things great. But does things you need as a creative in terms of brand building poorly.

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It’s also why I’m not much on here. I am very busy building up the brand and making Inochi2D a worthwhile open source solution for vtubers and working on my own vtubing that I need to spend most of my waking hours building my brands.

If I don’t who is going to use Inochi2D, who will watch my streams or tune in to the streams of my fellow group members? Close to nobody.

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You don’t go to mastodon to build a brand, you go there to talk to people in communities similar to your own.

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Seems like there might be an other exodus on to here. Problem is people are going to exodus here expecting to get Twitter and *wanting* Twitter.

But the fediverse is more like forums in the old days, specific smaller communities, just with the added bonus where you can crosstalk across communities.

I both use Twitter and mastodon, mastodon when I just want to look at what a few friends who are on here are up to. And Twitter for everything else.

Upside of Twitter is both it’s downside in that *everyone* is on it and it’s a somewhat necessary platform as a creator to advertise what you do so that it reaches a bigger audience. The fediverse is the opposite of that.

Will kind of suck for me if Twitter goes to shit. As it’s through it that I’m not like, stuck in unemployment and because of it that I can see some sense of success with Inochi2D.

im gay, also trying that official mastodon app thing instead of mast, runs pretty well

Today I announced a VTuber group I’ve started and it went pretty well uwu

Today's coding session has resulted in me adding 3 blending modes to Inochi2D, Color Dodge, Linear Dodge and Screen =w=

Visible here is Linear Dodge.

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Small server part of the pixie.town infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.