btw I'm going to become a vtuber now so uhh, I'll probably rebrand this account once the time comes lmao

Iroha drew my foxgirl as a shrine maiden. Go follow em if you use birdsite, they draw cute fox and catgirls. uwu


CW: Politics, COVID 

I hope trump dies of COVID-19.
Γ†d lort og bliv kvalt i den, Trump.

I recently got a drawing tablet.
I have drawn before but not anime-esque art.

Here's what I managed to sketch today (day 5) =w=

One of my cats passed away today. I’ll miss you Hugo, a lot...

CW: Suicide, shock video on other social media 

There’s a video circulating on various social media of a guy committing suicide.
Take care and avoid the video, it’s very graphic.

Linked here is a twitter thread with more info

Dysphoria talk 

My mental health has been in a steady decline due to the soul crushing dysphoria I'm feeling.
Why couldn't I have been born a cis woman, would've been so much easier...

A yuri manga where a foxgirl accidentally creates a big lesbian polycule without knowing

I think it’s a little late to ask the artist for corrections at this point, and it was apparently a stream sketch commission as well so they probably aren’t interested in making adjustments anyways...

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Gave a friend permission to commission art of me and his ocs being lewd.
Artist did butcher it a tiny bit due to anatomical inconsistency, my sona kinda looks a bit younger than she’s supposed to be (Is 20 looks more like 17-18 in drawing).
Don’t entirely know what i feel about it.

I think the label "pan lesbian" fits me pretty well, though I'll stick with pansexual for now.

I'm pansexual but girls get me weak af lol

Mod Alert, Pedophile 

They are known to create new accounts often, but their current Discord ID is 571103504798580759 if anyone needs it.

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Mod Alert, Pedophile 

Entry to my Discord server is currently limited to people I can verify. Due to an incident last night where a pedophile found their way in to my server.

I highly recommend banning anyone with the name qeeg from your discord and matrix channels, linked is proof of repeat offense of grooming of minors. As well as previous aliases they’ve gone under.

They went under the name qeeg#1040 on my discord server.

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Smol server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.