I'll be moving off this account to probably a self hosted instance in the future, but for now I'll be here.

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Heyo, I've moved off vt.social to this account. I am no longer administrating the instance.

I might create a new account on this same server to change my handle lol

I forgot you can't change handle on mastodon

Definitely going to lose some of my international reach too, especially with the slowly growing userbase I have in Japan. Could end up killing the community there...

I just want to make software that makes cute anime (fox) girls move :blobAboutToCry:

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I do not like Twitter at all, but its downfall is definitely going to make running my open source project - which relies on twitter mainly as a platform for advertisement - quite a bit more difficult.

Considering I need to get people to see Inochi2D so that some may see enough worth in it to throw some money my way so that I can pay my bills and eat it'll def make my life more difficult...

I’ll do my best to make Inochi2D the best it can be, so that people can be free to do vtubing and/or do character animation without terrible licensing getting in the way of making things better

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I honestly never expected that I’d be able to make a living (granted a living below the poverty line), making creative open source software. But I’m quite happy that I’ve been given the chance =w=

I'll be live in 40 minutes or so!

More fixing Inochi Creator bugs, especially a nasty parameter duplication bug!

I’ve released the first Beta version of Inochi Session! The first open source VTuber application for the open source Inochi2D model format I’m making.

Feel free to give it a try here, I’ve made Linux and Windows builds =w=

I’m the cutest foxgirl on the fediverse and anyone who disagrees are wrong

It is imperative that you headpat the foxgirl

Just found out that there’s an instance called “helvede.net” aka “hell.net” in Danish.
Apparently a Danish queer feminist instance. Both funny name and cool to see more Danish speakers on the fediverse

Has mastodon.social been blocked? I'm unable to follow a friend of mine who resides there =w=

boosts = a binding contract, in which you have to give me headpats

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