I was going to work on Glimpse this easter break, but something came up. I've been dealing with a terrible cough that's not COVID for the past long while and it's gotten worse. I'm going to get it checked soon as there's a non-zero chance that it could be lung cancer

If you people don't know, recently Bobby Moss was forced to leave the Glimpse project due to his employer. This means I have to take over handling the fork.

As of current I don't have time to maintain it, but I plan to get 0.2.2 released during my easter break. Which will be the last version of fork-glimpse before it goes maintinence/hotfix-only.

Glimpse NX is now the main focus of the rest of the contributors, which I have minimal involvement in, in terms of coding. So I hope you will support their work going forward.

It appears that glimpses DNS has been hijacked by some Chinese site showing the periodic table. I’ve poked Chris about it

btw I'm going to become a vtuber now so uhh, I'll probably rebrand this account once the time comes lmao

Iroha drew my foxgirl as a shrine maiden. Go follow em if you use birdsite, they draw cute fox and catgirls. uwu

Source: twitter.com/iroha_matsurika/st

CW: Politics, COVID 

I hope trump dies of COVID-19.
Γ†d lort og bliv kvalt i den, Trump.

I recently got a drawing tablet.
I have drawn before but not anime-esque art.

Here's what I managed to sketch today (day 5) =w=

One of my cats passed away today. I’ll miss you Hugo, a lot...

CW: Suicide, shock video on other social media 

There’s a video circulating on various social media of a guy committing suicide.
Take care and avoid the video, it’s very graphic.

Linked here is a twitter thread with more info

Dysphoria talk 

My mental health has been in a steady decline due to the soul crushing dysphoria I'm feeling.
Why couldn't I have been born a cis woman, would've been so much easier...

A yuri manga where a foxgirl accidentally creates a big lesbian polycule without knowing

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