Will be live in about 25 minutes playing Minecraft.

Will be served with silly commentary at no cost.


I'll again be streaming Minecraft from 16:00 Berlin time on, that is in three hours. wir3head on twitch. :)

i often brush my teeth in the shower, but sometimes i forget. so as to not forget, i lick my soap

I am now streaming Minecraft (A Let's Play) on twitch, name wir3head. :)

Me, Inside my own head with a gun: "PUT THE SEROTONIN IN THE BAG!! THIS IS A ROBBERY!!!"

clowns to the left of me, goblins to the right here i am stuck on the online with you

Today I'll be streaming Minecraft a little earlier. wir3head on twitch.

Stream begins 19:00 Berlin time!

hack: keep lizard in your pants so you can show it to cis people and confuse them

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