Minneapolis mastodon!

The Cyberia Computer Club will have a booth at pride this Saturday and Sunday in Loring park! Come visit!! Booth , boosts welcome!

We will have a solar powered server, ascii art flyers, whatever project I bring (tarot reading generator?), and many cool friends! We are a local computer club/hacker collective and we figured it was time to do a little outreach. There's also a very exciting collage project that I'll post about later.~

We would LOVE to meet you! Yes you! Come by and say hi in person, and you're welcome to stop by our matrix, too.

@balrogboogie @firewally I'm happy to do that (hilariously, being probably furthest from Minneapolis, but hey it still works!)

@bright_helpings yea I chuckled about that when I tagged you 😆 thanks!

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