Look I know you keep saying you're cisgender, but how can I believe you if you never tried to be trans once? You never ever even crossdressed....
The only cis people I believe are GNC, all the other are just cistrenders being cis for the clout.

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ok so I'm gonna start on the actual design/architecture document for (shayu.it), my static site generator project

input is definitely appreciated though, so if you have ideas you'd like to see implemented (or experimented with) feel free braindump in the replies

:boost_ok: :boost_requested: boosts appreciated, still trying to figure out if/how this will be a generally useful project for others as well :3


I finally found it! The rarest trans woman, one that fully spews TERF rhetoric while pretending to not be, in trans spaces. Only on reddit dot com

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things I learned today: trying to explain to a random gamer redditor :garfield: what cultural appropriation is in regards to native Americans is a waste of time, like anyone could have predicted.

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I'm a simple girl, I just want simple things, like a SEM, and a silicon foundry, and snuggles.

"well-meaning" transphobia 

Seeing a cis woman actress saying how she's excited to play a trans man role because "that’s a woman, that’s a female story – it changes to a man, but I want to understand the why and how of that. I want to get into it." it's infuriating.
leaving aside the issues of actual representation of trans actors, it's just sad to see "allies" still missing the point so hard. It reminds me of Ptolemaic astronomers, all caught up in explaining the motion of planet with increasingly complex theories because they cannot let go of their framework (where trans people are their AGAB); while with a simple change of perspective, (that we trans people have been telling them forever), the solution becomes apparent: a trans man wants to live as a man, maybe take hormones to have secondary sex characteristic of a man, maybe get a phallo *because* he is a man. So *simple*.

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body image stuff I guess 

[whispering to my belly] move to my butt right now, I even went running for you :aaaaa:


Il fascismo verrà sconfitto sempre!
Non perdete mai la speranza!
Fascism will always be vanquished!
Never lose hope!


Time to compose this email that's very important for my work life!

*[begins staring at draft with only address filled in]*

Having supportive people in your life is always so invigorating!

The Nier:Automata ost just came up on my playlist, time for moodiness ;_;

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I just noticed that youtube has removed the HD badge for 720p streams, which is technically incorrect

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