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For my recent inactivity in posting...
We've been extremely sick with rotavirus for weeks. Made me reflect on how we forgot that other diseases even exist with the corona. Even more arguments on how hygiene and protection are important in densely populated society. Wear masks!

That's the community which organised it. I am not a member of the org team, but decided to lend a hand. If you're Russian-speaking person in Germany, can recommend them, they are a nice and helpful group!

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CN violence, queermisia 

Here's the text with exhibition's description. German and Russian language, sadly no English.

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CN violence, queermisia 

The exhibits are shadows of instruments used to commit violence on queer people. Pretty grim stuff :/
But also important to expose this violence against us, if we want change

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Was busy all day today helping setting up a queer gallery exhibition about violence on queer people.

After almost 5 months of absence from Mastodon I'm back!!!! And as a fledgling plural system toooooo


Oh dang, the watermelon season began!!! Yessss!!!!!
So if Russian squat is eating sunflower seeds while squatting in adidas clothes, the Southern Ukraine squat is eating watermelon while squatting in granpa’s oversized pants and wide-brim hat. My childhood!

hospital mention 

How day to day life is like in the hospital

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*capitalism machine goes into crisis*
Economists: it's not... it's not shutting down, it's no---
*the economy implodes, economists scream*
Eustace: blah blah blah reopen America and give me a haircut

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half life, meme, politics, flashes 

how the end of 2020 will probably feel like, with Eustace being the metaphor for boomers/republicans/conservatives/liberals/etc

Also my badge!!! Also by elanlirisam. I am incredibly happy. I just hope I'll get the chance to use it with all the current stuff happening :\

SFW (?)

my ref sheet! descriptions are not very creative, but I still love it. Art by one of my best friends - @elanlirisam on Twitter and FA (accounts have NSFW stuff).

it's okay not to know stuff, it's not incompetency

hospital mention, boredom, food 

I am sooooo bored I did a heist on hospital’s cafeteria and stole a pack of biscuit bread!!!!! The criminal mastermind

P.S. There is a pack of each patient and they are free. But I’m still the criminal mastermind

Hello everyone!!! I'm Maya, a silver fox moody furry weirdo who's into witchcraft, making stews and being an anarchist. I love all things fuzzy, floofy, scaly, skinny and depending on some weird secret factors chitin and exoskeletons. Also I am in dire need of hugs and nose boops, please help me. I am sure I'll have a wonderful time here with all you adorable people!

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