That's the community which organised it. I am not a member of the org team, but decided to lend a hand. If you're Russian-speaking person in Germany, can recommend them, they are a nice and helpful group!

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CN violence, queermisia 

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CN violence, queermisia 

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Was busy all day today helping setting up a queer gallery exhibition about violence on queer people.

After almost 5 months of absence from Mastodon I'm back!!!! And as a fledgling plural system toooooo


kinda scary how quickly dystopia became everyday life

half life, meme, politics 

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half life, meme, politics, flashes 

Also my badge!!! Also by elanlirisam. I am incredibly happy. I just hope I'll get the chance to use it with all the current stuff happening :\

SFW (?)

my ref sheet! descriptions are not very creative, but I still love it. Art by one of my best friends - @elanlirisam on Twitter and FA (accounts have NSFW stuff).

it's okay not to know stuff, it's not incompetency

gay frogs should be able to express themselves without living a life of fear and exclusion

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Hello everyone!!! I'm Maya, a silver fox moody furry weirdo who's into witchcraft, making stews and being an anarchist. I love all things fuzzy, floofy, scaly, skinny and depending on some weird secret factors chitin and exoskeletons. Also I am in dire need of hugs and nose boops, please help me. I am sure I'll have a wonderful time here with all you adorable people!

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