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kinda scary how quickly dystopia became everyday life

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Also my badge!!! Also by elanlirisam. I am incredibly happy. I just hope I'll get the chance to use it with all the current stuff happening :\

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my ref sheet! descriptions are not very creative, but I still love it. Art by one of my best friends - @elanlirisam on Twitter and FA (accounts have NSFW stuff).

it's okay not to know stuff, it's not incompetency

gay frogs should be able to express themselves without living a life of fear and exclusion

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Hello everyone!!! I'm Maya, a silver fox moody furry weirdo who's into witchcraft, making stews and being an anarchist. I love all things fuzzy, floofy, scaly, skinny and depending on some weird secret factors chitin and exoskeletons. Also I am in dire need of hugs and nose boops, please help me. I am sure I'll have a wonderful time here with all you adorable people!

The Trolley Problem in capitalism: The passengers in the trolley give no shit about which rail they use and how many people they run over, as long as the ride is smooth and their arrival isn't delayed.


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