Speaking of COBOL, I'm tempted to learn it

Mostly for job security, there'll be random banks and such that need a COBOL coder for a while

@SigmaOne Having spent the last almost-decade working in Cobol, yes and no. There's a lot of Cobol still out there, but there does seem to be an increasing impetus to move off it. I'm not sure the job security is quite as guaranteed as it once was

@SigmaOne A pal of mine has been coding COBOL for 25 years for a well known US life insurance company. She's been working remotely from home all those years.

Until all the thousands and thousands of policies in that COBOL system are finalized, potentially decades from now, that company will need solid COBOL programmers.

@lyncia the one time where "on day 1, spent four hours on the phone with their mom" is a plus in the performance review

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