: Is there already a wiki or something that tracks old devices/models (of anything, not just one category like phones), and documents how they can be repurposed/liberated/unbricked/etc. to prevent them from becoming e-waste?

Some things (not exhaustive) I'm thinking of that would be useful:

- Manuals, schematics
- Part numbers for replacement parts (and where to get them, or what their equivalent part numbers from other brands are, etc.)
- Internal tools for flashing new firmware or unbricking devices
- Historical firmwares
- EOL information

(I am aware of iFixit, but aside from that being a company, it is also much more limited in scope - as far as I can tell, it only really covers repairs of hardware for its original purpose.)

@joepie91 If you don't find one and want to host one, I am happy to provide hosting. ;-P

@joepie91 I know some wikis like wikichip and there seem to be websites like but I don't know how widely used or exhaustive those are, usually these things are very spread out, centralizing them is hard (also because those individual sites get updated sometimes), and then there's some OEMs that may object to schematics and such being published, so for those you have to look in good old torrents and such (try macbooks for example, lots of torrents for the schematics of it)

I don't see mention of Total Hardware 99 yet.
When I was collecting a lot of weird vintage hardware, TH99 was my bible. Seemed to have datasheets on everything I found.

@joepie91 I wish wikis were organized like fedi so you can discover new instances without a general purpose search engine :P

Mediawiki is old stuff

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