Any recommendations for cosy #scifi or #fantasy novels (or short story collections!) to sink my nose into? I'm thinking along the lines of Elizabeth Bear's white space novels, or basically anything by Becky Chambers.


@petrichor I've been reading Chilling Effect (or well, by now the second book) by Valerie Valdes lately - maybe a bit more thriller-y than cozy, but a pretty easy read!

I can also *strongly* recommend pretty much everything by Geron Kees: -- especially the Charlie Boone series. It's more written for YA in some ways, but it's very intricate and comfy worldbuilding pretty much across the board, and also an easy read!

CW for mild sexuality, though. But their stories always make me feel better! Also they have a very particular writing style, where most stories start out reading like a 'normal' story without sci-fi/fantasy elements, but I can assure you that it doesn't stay that way :)

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