I really fucking wish I could follow other instance's local timelines. I love toot.cat but it's kinda quiet and not particularly about any of my interest. It just feels safe here.

But I'd like to grow my following of folks in open source and art communities and i don't think mastodon makes that very easy :(


@zkat Isn't that what the federated timeline is for, though? That shows toots from all instances your instance is federating with in some way, AFAIK.

@joepie91 oh yeah I usually don't even use that because it's just a firehose :( I want to find specific communities?

I think the mastodon devs are working on something for that, tho


@zkat Ah, in that sense. While it's a bit fire-hosey, it also ends up being pretty relevant to my interests in general (certainly more so than the Twitter homepage :p), I guess that might not be the case for everybody

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