"Messaging isn't rocket science. After all the engineering effort, it's not like these proprietary IM networks were doing much innovating. In the end, they were all just re-inventing the same IM wheel—sending text, images and files with a new interface."


"Messaging isn't complicated. We solved this more than a decade ago. It's sending text, emojis and photos, perhaps to a group, ideally with end-to-end encryption. You have five incompatible messaging apps on your phone not from technical limitations, but because greed drives companies to ignore compatibility and optimize for vendor lock-in. Imagine having five different web browsers you had to switch between depending on which website you wanted to visit."

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@alcinnz A funny and loosely related thing here: a surprising amount of (non-technical) computer users really *do* use different browsers for different websites! As far as I can tell, that's mostly meant as an ad-hoc way to have separate 'profiles'/'workspaces'.

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