recently acquired physical space. it must be named something cool.

cyberia space name recommendations?

I’m looking for something:

- vessel-y
- rusty
- original
- easy to say
- maybe russian or a spaceship, or a submarine
- preferably something organic, communal, or something

we have considered many names, but none quite fit right.

one of my tells that I’ve been working too long is when I start naming variables “thing” or “garbage”

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What if Victoria's Secret is that she's a communist

free software ramblings 

in order to evolve, the free software movement has to move beyond individual liberty (my rights, my ability to change the software) and into social liberty, and collectivism. I think that exposing the absurd power structures created by proprietary software at a systemic level is very important.

I’m just so uninspired by the 4 essential freedoms and individual liberty, maybe.

got a lot of mundane work at hq done today. taking down old plaster, putting up new plaster, getting plaster all over my pants, getting a plaster in my hair, sucking up plaster with a shopvac…


I also secretly think that @forestjohnson could be the person that figures it all out

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I’m in the mood to read non-stallman free software centric philosophy. does anyone have any recommendations? I just read through but it left me sort of wanting more.

I think there’s a coherent philosophy that spans leftism, federation, free software, “smolcomputing” and morality just waiting to be born.

just shop-vacc’d the heck out of hq. so excited :3

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MPLS folks:

I'm going to host a cyberia "Soupchat IRL" BBQ event to act as a sort of meet and greet / staging area for new folks which we haven't met in person yet, but who are interested in helping out with the physical space

If you wish to chow down with us, and especially if you want to help with the cleanup/renovation, please let me know when you would be available!!

The event will be held in my back yard.

You are not required to bring food, however you are welcome to bring prepared food, or food that can be grilled.

After you have specified the days you would be available, send me a DM on matrix ( or an email ( to get the address / parking information / etc.

@starless please ReToot this I know you have a much larger local fedi following than I do 👉👈🥺

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Minneapolis hacker space meet and greet / open barbecue 

Hi! Cyberia is gearing up to work on our new hackerspace and we'd love to include our new fedi friends!

This whole thing is totally free. Bring just yourself, or possibly just yourself and a snack or something to toss on the grill if ya want.

Here are some days within the next week or so, we'll schedule for when folks can make it. Please vote, we'd really love to have ya!

(more details in next toot)

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Cyberia has a physical space in Minneapolis! We'll be building it out over the next couple of months. As always, the best way to talk to us is via our matrix, but enjoy the faq below!

Also, huge thanks to @forestjohnson and @j3s for really driving this home. It takes a village, but this has been a long time coming, and without their dedication, it wouldn't have happened. Can't wait to help build the new place! 💙

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Shamelessly stolen from Cyberia's matrix room. Bless u @j3s .

ravioli ravioli give me the Pfizeroli

final dentist trip! wish me luck. :blobcatcozytea:

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Smol server part of the infrastructure. Registration is approval-based, and will probably only accept people I know elsewhere or with good motivation.