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Working on cross platform child process management in golang

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@forestjohnson Hey, if I wanted to alpha test this software to run, say a wiki.js instance, would that be interesting to you?

I've got a microserver running debian and I'm trying to figure out different solutions to the self-hosting community-oriented web-services problem and your project is really interesting for that.


Yeah I would love to have more help testing it! I'm hoping I can get something in terms of a real alpha release out the door by the end of this month. If you would like to get involved sooner, you'll have to come at it from a more self-hosting angle (hosting greenhouse or threshold in your own cloud account) rather than a service-type experience (use my cloud service and my client software installers).

I have personally used on its own to publish a server tethered to the wifi hotspot on my phone to the internet.

The only caveats being:

1. you have to host it on a cloud server somewhere

2. the documentation isn't all there currently

3. you have to generate your own self signed TLS certificates for the client and server (I used

@forestjohnson I think I could manage all of this... maybe

Follow up question: Is there at current a plan for being able to connect with multiple different locations on the "living room" side of things? Use case would be if me and 2 other people are all hosting the same site, we could have one server each with the same data but on different physical locations in case of hardware failure or outages or whatnot? ⭐ 🌱


> Is there at current a plan for [..] multiple different locations on the "living room" side of things [..] If me and 2 other people are all hosting the same site, we could have one server each with the same data but on different physical locations

Yes, in fact that's one of the main reasons I started doing this in the first place, I wanted a way to make that easier as well. I don't know if I ever posted it on Fedi but long ago I made some twitter posts explaining my justification for starting the original project that eventually got "delayed indefinitely" to make way for greenhouse.

I don't feel like posting it as a twitter link or reposting it on fedi, but here's a link to the original text:

This isn't exactly a TL;DR as it's quite long.., but here's a condensed version of where greenhouse specifically is at with regards to redundant/replicated servers.

Greenhouse on its own probably can't solve *all* of the problems that would come up if you wanted to create & maintain a redundant, replicated set of servers.

However, I believe that greenhouse is the first step to making that easier, it makes global connectivity of servers a lot easier to set up and maintain, and in theory it can also be used as a load balancer so the site/service stays up while one or more of the replicated servers power off, lose internet, crash, undergo repair / replacement, etc.

Greenhouse doesn't have any explicit load balancing features yet. They are currently planned for after the beta release is completed. However, even without an explicit feature, you could theoretically create your own rudimentary load balancing system targeting at the alpha version of greenhouse.

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