@f0x half serious: How do you stay truly anonymously these days? TOR? but how to get hardware for tor that isnt easily traceable? :D

@MTRNord true anonymity is probably impossible yeah, but there's a lot of middle-ground :>

@f0x Sure but even getting to the middle ground seems quite hard :D

@wmd @f0x Possibly, I guess. I tbh didn't try that yet very much. QubesOS was my go to so far.

@MTRNord @f0x you can do similar things with qubes, but does really depend on/what you do. Tails tries to just think of lots of stuff for you.

@wmd @f0x Qubes just was always nice since it tries to sandbox all the stuff, which has benefits to some extent. As in, you're not trusting if your pc leaks data, I guess. Not sure if tails does this.

@MTRNord @f0x not so much, but then it's more like one secure we environment that forgets everything on reboot.

@tails incase I say something wrong. :)

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