this is probably my most popular toot by now. if so many people agree, why do techbros keep writing shitty scrapers under the guise of "people totally want this", hmm?

@f0x the absolute worst techbro take I’ve heard on the matter is “opt-out of opt-out is implicit opt-in” (paraphrased from

My response:

“opting-out of opting-out is not the same as opting in, because consent isn’t a freaking multiplication problem.”

@Seirdy yeah that one was terrible as well :") fucking scrapebro's

@Elenna searchtodon's ( only option to not end up in the index is taking action to opt-out by adding something to your bio, or changing a (rather hidden) mastodon setting for your profile.

The correct approach would be opt-in, having people actively consent to indexing by putting a clear-purpose hashtag in their bio when they do want this

@Elenna exactly, which is codified in the GDPR but also like, how actual consent works in general

@f0x even more so when the chance to do so is obfuscated in a wall of text privacy statement no one has the time to read.

@f0x Yeah but there are some good cases for it, like employee pension schemes

@f0x Using an open-source word processor right now and there were so many things I had to look up "how do I turn this off?"

It's /absurd/, who thought things like a distracting autosuggestion box was a good default?

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