:boosts_ok_gay: Hey Fediverse admins & moderators! :boosts_ok_gay:

We're working hard on the new Settings interface for , and we'd like your input. What do the current implementations do well? What could be improved? What features do you miss?

Bulk import/export of domain blocks is already implemented, but there has to be more, so please speak up :)

@f0x the one thing i miss from pleroma (i use mastodon now because it fits better into how i deploy software these days, but GtS fits even better) is a programmable message filter

@f0x reports where you can actually privately discuss the report with the user filing it (if a local report) would be nice. Themes/skins and being able to add options users can choose between. Custom emoji/reactions able to be added/arranged as ‘packs’ not just individual ones, which can be imported as some kind of archive, being able to set the prefix for them, and including licence information on them from the packs automatically in server info etc.

@s0 good ideas, can I put this in a tracking issue on the github?

@f0x my GitHub username is cortices if you want to tag me in it there

@f0x word replacement filters baby!!! let's bring 'em back!

@f0x I’d like it if all the deactivated fields in the Admin panel didn’t show up and instead were on a better-formatted Stats page

@forever right, those are completely gone for now, there might be a config/info overview page later

disclaimer: not used GoTo yet but am Eyeing Closely, but gods do i want this in fedi software:

custom permission groups for staff, and granular permissions

Instead of having all communities use the same permissions for everyone, giving admins the ability to hand out roles and perms as needed. Not everyone needs to be able to handle reports, not everyone needs to be able to do instance blocks, perhaps someonee wants to give a perms group to some folks to manage emojis

@f0x also, related to a major gripe with how masto handles admin accounts

ability to have accounts that have been given admin perms to be demoted back to regular user, without needing to be deleted and recreated (why eugen why would you make it so you cannot demote an admin account and have to nuke all the social connections and posts to no longer be admin why why why )

@f0x in some cases I want to see what impact blocking an instance would have.

How many of our users are following accounts over there. Which accounts are they following. Are there accounts on our instance that have a lot of followers over there.

@vonbirne yeah, think that'll happen when it's a more general federating instances overview, right now blocking/listing blocks is the only thing in the API, basically

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