(cw tech dystopia)

... but this isn't *true*

this is going to be another one of those classes :/

haptic technology has nothing to do with audio or video. It's a separate feedback channel for "feel"- either proprioception, surface texture, or vibration, which are all subtly different senses and have different technologies to simulate them. My favorite is that surface texture can be hacked by electrocuting your fingers

@falkreon but as a separate feedback channel it can enhance information already given though audio or video?

@f0x Yes, I guess you're right. You could be controlling a waldo, and see the waldo's environment onscreen, but feel force feedback to enhance the already-displayed information that you touched something with the waldo. But it's still not the thing I would hilight with my only question about haptics in the entire course.


@falkreon mhh that's fair yeah, it's technically a true statement but kind of a disservice

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