maybe today i will finally make the simple covid selftest timer website...
with a 1 minute timer for letting the swab steep, followed by 15 for the test, in just a nice clean interface

@f0x we're using sienna here mostly, most likely to catch covid19 even with low infection count. Only has a 10min wait time.

Also cheap :)


@wmd huh that's the first non-15 minute brand I've heard of, and I've had a lot of different tests through zelftestonderwijs
Is there any other branding on them? Wonder if they're in the dataset from

@f0x Pity that they're not part of that test. Would like to see more data. But biosynex doesn't score that high does it? we used use siemens, but they're more expensive.

@wmd it's not /the/ best but it's the higher scoring one that's still easy to get (Marktplaats batches for 0.50 each)

@f0x 0.50 is cheap... But 1.90 is still fine for me.

Atleast it's not the crap they sell at kruidvat.

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