Typescript sucks and stiffles a lot of the creative development you can do with javascript, if you want to program like java just use java :")

this is needlessly combative and use whatever works for you

@f0x i will simply hit metal tubes with a hammer to make pleasing sounds

js opinion 

@f0x just like every other tool, it has situations where it's useful and others where it's not.

I think for public library development, I'll go with typescript in the future because then it's easier for IDEs to tell developers how to use the lib without them having to read and memorize the docs. (Docstrings get lost in compilation sadly)

For regular frontends, I so far haven't seen the upside of it and I like to keep my bundling and external dependency stack as small as possible

@f0x what is even the point of it
for all ui stuff i did using an untyped language seems nicer
(unless ur using a framework specifically built around typing i guess)

@pastelpunkbandit not sure why people think that, most of js' issues are historical cruft and browser incompatibilities, with a more standardized runtime like Node you don't have any of those issues, and you can just write the (most) modern version of the language, which are actually really nice. I write all my software in js, front and back including larger projects

@f0x challenge me to express something in ts ;P

@charlag you can probably express anything in it, the issue for me is adding the type signatures everywhere wastes time and can be needlessly constrictive.. I spend more time fighting the compiler than writing the code I set out to write

@f0x I think that's fair! It also highly depends on how you think and on the size of the project and the size of the team (e.g. I read code so much more than I write it and it is the only thing that allows refactoring) and practices and etc.

Personally I only spent any significant time on types when I was doing 1. very meta metaprogramming or 2. trying to type poorly designed libraries correctly.

I'll shut up now, thank you for enduring my blabbering :)

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