im so fucking good at systems administration how the Hell do i use nixos

@charlotte uhh uhh it's pretty difficult to get started.. but also like so worth it

@f0x there are many cases where i have not been able to achieve the activation energy to reap the benefits of Cool Thing

it's also why i am no longer an emacs user

@charlotte yeah that makes sense, and really the documentation isn't great (yet). You have to learn Nix (a functional programming language) and then all the NixOS stuff to apply that. I can gather some of the beginner stuff I used when I get home if you want

@f0x @charlotte i still want to get into nixos, so could I also take you up on that offer please?

i'd love to trade it for some explanation/documentation if you're interested: my expertise is interactive theorem proving, I know a lot of maths (especially logic and abstract algebra) and CS (especially programming languages) and did a few linguistics courses.

NixOS resources, kinda long :NixOwOs: 

@Vierkantor there's definitely a lot of abstract/mathematical base to Nix/NixOS but I know nothing of those, instead using it more pragmatically myself. The original research papers it's based on might be interesting to you too:

To learn Nix there's this guide, (especially chapter 4 for the language basics)
Getting a simple running system into a vm is rather easy, it's just partitioning, generating a default config, then installing that.

Lastly there's various Matrix rooms by the project that can be quite helpful (and actually nice, techbros are kept in check) is the main room for questions

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