- At least 250GB of free disk space to check out the code and an extra 150 GB to build it. If you conduct multiple builds, you need additional space.
- At least 16 GB of available RAM is required, but Google recommends 64 GB.

As of June 2021, Google is using 72-core machines with 64 GB of RAM internally, which take about 40 minutes for a full build (and just a few minutes for incremental builds, depending on exactly which files were modified). By contrast, a 6-core machine with a similar amount of RAM takes 3 hours.

and people complain about js devstacks.........

@f0x This is a Google Moment. Having had to write & build custom Chromium builds for work, dealing with their weird ad-hoc build tooling and the resources required is really something else

@f0x yeah this is absurd I wonder how it compares to linux phone dev. Probably not even remotely close.

@thufie Halium / Ubuntu Touch don't even mention system specs in the compile instructions, which makes me think it compiles just fine on most systems

@f0x not to mention like, postmarketOS, if anyone ever got a build of that working on a commercial phone with full hardware support.

@f0x honestly this explains so much of why Android has so few hobbyist forks... who the hell can afford to develop independently for this and iterate fast enough to do anything.

@f0x I'm dumb but curious, how exactly does 400GB compile into something that can fit on a phone's internal storage

@hazelnot i wondered about that too but couldn't find any answers... Google be googling i guess

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