website scraping is such a nice skill to have

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totally didn't just steal all of Domino's pizza names, images and descriptions

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@violet uhh years of doing all sorts of things with the web i suppose

but depending on the task, either quickly write (nested) .querySelectorAll() calls, then just copy the result as a json or Object. Or for more involved or automated stuff,

code, screenreader unfriendly 

@violet for the dominos case I started by just writing

pizzas = Array.from(document.querySelectorAll(".product-container")).map((product) => {
return {
name: product.querySelectorAll(".menu-entry")[0].textContent,
img: product.querySelectorAll(".pizza-image")[0].src,
comment: product.querySelectorAll(".menu-page-product-description")[0].textContent

in the browser console while on the menu page, but going to rewrite it to a standalone script that also fetches the full product page in order to get the lengthier description

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