Heads up, I'm about to import my follows to my account on my new instance cathode.church (@s0), to start getting toots through it and check how it fares. I am going to keep tweaking the rules/CoC and such and hope to open registrations (by approval) around the new year.

@s0 Phosphor the poor underpowered VPS would like me to know they are *not* happy with importing all this stuff

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@s0 I went to tell OVH I want to upgrade Phosphor (little a RAM & CPU, as a treat). and then they apparently went and force rebooted it without asking lol

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@s0 @s0 oof, but reborn bigger and better than before now!

@f0x she's back and she recovered perfectly and resumed serving the site 😍 phosphor deserves Many a treats!

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