it's that time again where I really want a pinebook

but rationally I know it's by *far* not powerful enough, current T460s is in good condition and still struggles with half my workloads

and if I'd start changing things to be lighter (offloading to a remote server for example), I could just be using my T460s with that setup...

I should really start to put together a powerful desktop build, that I can also use as remote computing power for my laptop on the go

but comparing part specs really sucks and also money, lole

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I got someone to help me with a first parts draft :)

software wise I'm thinking of
- a tiny linux install that runs KVM / autostarts virt-manager stuff
- server install
- desktop install which gets the GPU

and then when im not using it actively, suspend the desktop install so it can shut off the GPU and use less power, while still possibly using all CPU cores if needed

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@f0x heck good luck :blobcat:
i have a single gpu virt-manager vfio setup that i use for games on my desktop so if you run into any issues feel free to ping me lol

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