@f0x Do you mind me asking what kind of vinyl cutter you have? I do setup work for industrial ones, but I'd love to have something decent for home for little projects.

@jeffnik It's not mine, we bought it for the hackerspace. It's a Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus. Awesome machine for a hackerspace but a bit too expensive for home use (~1600 euros)

@f0x Ouch, yeah... a little out of my budget. Magnitudes cheaper than ones I've seen, though. Your reply did make me realize that I should check out some maker spaces though... that was completely off my radar.

heck i realized i need a matrix sticker

and a honk sticker too

@haskal any EU tech events you'll be attending? (Or I can mail stuff)

unfortunately i'm US-based :[

would appreciate mail if you'd be able to send to the US :blobcat:

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