It's a LiPo charging module, similar to these cheap ones on ali: aliexpress.com/item/4000061318

I wanted to have a smaller board as my first pcb design, so thought this would be nice as this circuit will also be part of my larger tamafoxi pcb.

5v in either through USB-C or the pins at the top
charges the lipo connected with the JST-PH connector

two ic's at the bottom are for over-current and over-discharge sensing, which will cut off the battery gnd if detected

left middle pins are for sensing the voltage at the ESP/arduino side, thru the voltage divider to bring it down to 3.3v, right middle pin can be used with a pull-up to detect if the chip is in charging state. Those are features the ali modules don't have

@f0x How much is it going to be?

And what's a tamafoxi?

@amolith the tamafoxi is a project of mine to make a tamagotchi like thing, and also my intro into pcb design.
I made a prototype a few weeks ago: pixie.garden/~/Thingies/tamafo

For the LiPo module I just paid 16 euros for 75 pcb's, and another 16 for enough parts to assemble 20 (the IC's and connectors make up the bulk of the cost)

If the module works I'll have to work out how long it takes me to assemble one

@f0x I might want to make one as well :thonking:

I have parts for a pwnagotchi coming as well 😉

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