working on yet another static site generator: Dynamo

because all the others don't do what I want :>
it'll do:

- get MDX from directory structure, put as static index.html in the right build folder
- do themeing with react
- postcss for css transformations
- livereload for dev

it already does livereloading, postcss transformations and basic MDX parsing, all in one evening :D

@f0x oh, I am also writing one :D

My main concern about gatsby and next.js - their resulting websites do not really work good without javaScript enabled.

I am using hexo currently, but it is imperfect and bloated in many ways.

What do you mean by "do theming with react"? Do you mean JSX?

@lowpolybrain ah yes I guess JSX is the right term. It gets rendered once into plain html in the build step. Indeed I want it all to be focused on progressive enhancement. So everything that could work without JS should work without JS

@f0x well next.js/gatsby built websites work just fine without js, but they produce tons of various bloat (as per my impression) and the pages load super-slowly without JS (well, compared to handcrafted websites - maybe because the assets reload overhead)

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