let's hope this afternoon will be productive :3

- finishing Neo roadmap
- Fix button on Runcam 3 with parts that arrived today
- tamafoxi


Now working on the tamafoxi, the hardware is coming along nicely

picture 1: the OLED display showing a cut-off Hello World

picture 2: the back, an ESP32 D1 Mini breakout, with yellow-blue wires connecting it to the display

picture 3 and 4: the battery and additional protoboard being held together by more wires, twisted together

next part: the lipo charging chip, with two voltage dividers (first time I made those!), so the ESP32 can safely sense the battery, and micro-usb input voltages

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this project is giving me an unexpected amount of actual electronics knowledge. Basically everything before starting this tamagotchi project was just connect the dots with readymade pcbs. And after this prototype, I'll be sitting down with peeps and turning this into an actual pcb design

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@f0x Oh my gosh! 😃 I do not yet fully know what a Tamafoxi might involve, but I want one! 😃

@f0x can't wait for the exciting new indie microconsole furry horror game, Hell OwO

(jk this is awesome, congrats!)

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