hah, the XR group on Telegram bans people just for posting the XR thread by @hambibleibt

Stating they "just want people to feel good and share methods for an individual to start lowering their carbon footprint on a personal level"


@f0x @hambibleibt and this response is why many of us that once supported XR no longer do. @hambibleibt's thread was a really good one.

@restioson @GwenfarsGarden @hambibleibt Of course they don't provide information on that, guess you can contact them directly
Maybe a GDPR request to tell them to fuck off 🤔

@f0x @hambibleibt For a moment I was confused with what Virtual/Augmented Reality had to do with all that ^^ #acronyms

But yeah the hypocrisy seems strong with them :/

@f0x would you mind linking the channel to which you posted it?

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