7 tactics of pro-democracy #HongKong protesters

💧 be water

protests swarm to shut down one target after another

🌐 open-source protest

on the spot voting via telegram polls

📱 airdrop

after Telegram DDoS, turn to AirDrop and other P2P tools

✌️ sign language

hand signals and literal signs facilitate supply transfers

😢 🙅 neutralize tear gas

smother canisters w/ traffic cones, wet rags

🚶 avoid stampedes

1-2 1-2 chant to retreat safely

💸 crowdfunding



@clayton they're good bullet points except that Telegram really shouldn't be called open source. It plays into their false advertising. Only some of their clients are open source, and they receive no community development. Backend is proprietary, even with vague promises of open sourcing for years

@f0x @clayton yeah, what it meant is that Telegram can hold a lot of people and therefore be used to make an "open protest"

@f0x yeah from my toot i can see how that's a little misleading. thanks for the clarification @v0idifier

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