Just a reminder that Matrix is good.

@f0x matrix rocks but the irc bridge is jank :3

@jess true, hopefully someone will refactor it to shiny goodness someday

@f0x what language was it written in again

@jess nodejs, hard to say if a refactor would be best, or using one of the better matrix bridging frameworks that exist now

@amy yeah, altho it's slowly getting better with each release

@f0x Is it? I stopped using it a while ago, my single user homeserver was eating like 1.2gb of ram so I got fed up.

@amy now that 1.0 was released, they're focusing much more on performance, still heavy to run but it's quite manageable imo

@f0x if only I could get that citation from Kaniini, but she’s too busy with other stuff. But I remember her saying many times that there are problems with the protocol itself. She hasn’t published her opinions on the matter anywhere except Fediverse :(

@dtluna from what I talked with her, she likes the 1.0 spec a lot more

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