I really hate how society has infected my mind to believe you can only be productive if you wake up early. Most days now I won't be up till 1400, and I feel those thoughts really break my already brittle discipline

For all the responses this got:
No matter your sleeping habits or ""productivity"" levels: YOU ARE VALID

@f0x I've noticed this tends to be a thing in Northern European society, but is surely a hangover from pre-electricity days when especially during winter it made sense to make use of daylight, with a bit of religion thrown in (starting they day with a prayer before "breaking fast").

But we live in the 21st century where people who get up and work later are also needed especially to keep services running that are expected to be available 24/7...

@f0x big huge irritating mood

my natural sleep cycle is more like 2/3am - 10/11am but here i am, waking up at 7:30-8 and being absolutely useless until the afternoon

@f0x don't let the fuckers grind you down. Bukowsky would wake up every day at around 12 and was "productive" enough if by nothing than volume of writing

@f0x without adding that Bukowsky was a general disaster as a person otherwise

adding to that, Honore de Balzac would start his day at about 1:00, that's not morning, that's waking up in the middle of the bloody night

because of the ways that our brains work, habit is good, but no hour is better than any other, imo

@trickster yeah I'm very much considering a schedule waking up at 4am 🤔

@Foks also feeling productive at night, but due to dayjob i need to balance a bit. That usually means a shortbnap between 20:00 - 22:00 and i can go on til 3:00 take another nap and go to work.

@f0x Seriously, the same. I hate how much internalised ableism I still have to work through re what counts as a productive day.

@f0x I'm a night owl too. I used to have jobs with shifts and was more than happy to take the night shifts. Paid better too. 😎
Everybody has their own rhythm. The only reason that there are mostly 9-5 jobs is conservatism and lack of imagination or trust. 👎

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