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For quite some time my instance is struggling with performance. Since last two days to the point it is essentially dead. No matter how many php processes I set, it will get filled up and fillup db with queries.

I see my hubzilla logs flodded with:

Receiver.php:1459:like: diaspora_like: parent item not found:
Receiver.php:748:comment: diaspora_comment: parent item not found: parent:

i have now disabled diaspora addon (i wonder what will happen now with all the accounts followed), and issue with db flooded with queries has stopped and I can finally write this post.
I would apreicate any suggestions, help or feedback on that issue. If there is anything you want me to run to provide more information in order to find solution to this, please let me know. I run latest hubzilla 4.2 (though the issue is there since about 2 months), php7.3 and postgres.
I'm not sure this post has reached outside our instance. Can someone confirm they see it (outside hub.disroot.org)?

@muppeth confirming from pixie.town, no idea how to help tho :/

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