Does anyone know cyberpunk books written by non-male writers?
All the stuff I can remember reading is male 🤔

@f0x There's Trouble and Her Friends, written by Melissa Scott. I only started reading it (got to the second chapter, iirc) and it's starting pretty well.

@f0x A lot of non-male speculative fiction writers use male pen names, so you've probably read a bunch already :) You'd think the (very valid) reasons for this might've become obsolete by now, but unfortunately not.

@f0x Here's a massive list of pen names (in general) to browse
Readers' gender bias is still very prevalent in the spec fic genre, sadly. (in others too, but this seems to be the worst?) -even though indie pub is slowly changing things, somewhat. But I guess as long as research shows that male/ambiguous author names sell better, the bias will prevail.

@f0x ps :) Sorry, I usually provide references and don't just claim xyz, but I'm semi-procrastinating here because my eyes have grown css-tired for the night and if it weren't for my growling stomach, I'd already be heading to bed. -_o

@f0x Hi! It’s not really Cyberpunk in the common sense, but atmosphere and setting definitely have similiar vibes: Pola Oloixarac ”Dark Constellations“

@f0x Oh, you are in for quite a treat! Check out Pat Cadigan, especially her novels Mindplayers and Synners!

@f0x @urbanfuzzy Not Cyberpunk, but if you want Steampunk with zombies, look no further than Cherie Priest's Clockwork Century series. Also has a Lizzie Borden meets the Cthulhu mythos thread. Totally kick-arse female leads.

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