If you haven’t been paying attention, tumblr got sold for pocket change to the Wordpress company, who promptly told the surviving staff “do whatever.” So now they have an ad free subscription, which is good.

then they stole an idea from somethingawful: give them ten American dollars and they will shotgun whatever shitpost you want onto 2500 random people’s dashboards. No targeting or anything, just “congratulations you get “hobbit love” or whatever that post about infinite chocolate.

Tumblr, freed from the corporate world of yahoo/verizon/aol/oath, has embraced their user base as the horny little goblins they are and I fully expect porn to come back if they can get around credit card companies and app stores being prudes


@xarph Incredible, I hope to see them come back and not fizzle

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@elfi the best thing we can do to help tumblr is continue to be horny goblins producing shitposts and art of gender swapped copyrighted characters smooching

@xarph it sounds like wordpress plans on keeping the porn ban in place, but hopefully that's just the corporate line and the staff are working on reversing it if plausible

@elfi the problem with the porn ban is credit card processors, ad networks, and app stores are all prudes. Getting around that is a mess to say the least.

@xarph Yeah, it's unfortunate that so many industries are under a disturbingly puritanical system despite otherwise being left free to ruin people's lives

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