@x4nw hello! do you have smol plier recs? cheap, decent, can cut 0.8mil ends off sharp solder joints

i barely solder anymore but i just built something where i need it to not scratch a flex cable

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@ckie i'm not totally sure what type of tool you're asking for since usually pliers don't cut (other than the rough little cutting bit back at the hinge that's good for cutting large gauge wire)

@x4nw i'd be content paying up to like 18.3 USD (// 70 ILS) for one that actually Lasts 7-10 years or somethin but yea
i dont see it on my local digikey tho so i guess i'll settle for a bunch of the aliexpress ones :pp

ty anyway tho! fyi i actually thought 'plier' was its own thing until Today when i read it in some manual that felt authoritative

@ckie this one should last that long if treated well, i'd think. shame they don't have it, i tried searching by SKU too (1691-1037-ND) and yeah, not found :(

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