Today's coding session has resulted in me adding 3 blending modes to Inochi2D, Color Dodge, Linear Dodge and Screen =w=

Visible here is Linear Dodge.

I commissioned いろは ( to draw a chibi version of Inochi2D's mascot.

Which I have now integrated in to Inochi Creator, with a cute little slow bopping animation to boot 🦊 🔧

Oh yeah, since it's been a while since I've talked here. Hey, I'm Luna. I'm a software developing foxgirl and a VTuber, who makes game engines and VTuber Software.

My current project is an open source (BSD 2-clause) 2D animation suite that allows animating PSD files in real-time. Mostly for VTuber use (but could be useful for games, like visual novels as well)

With Ada, this foxgirl, being the project's mascot. Ada is designed by uwu

So I've talked about Inochi2D, I'm making 2 apps to accompany the spec itself.

Inochi Creator and Inochi Session.
Inochi Creator is a tool that allows you to rig layered 2D art in to a 2D puppet that can move, animation is done through 3D transformation and deformation of vertices you specify in the editor.

Inochi Session will be a tool to allow you to stream using your 2D puppet. (nothing here yet)

Iroha drew my foxgirl as a shrine maiden. Go follow em if you use birdsite, they draw cute fox and catgirls. uwu


I recently got a drawing tablet.
I have drawn before but not anime-esque art.

Here's what I managed to sketch today (day 5) =w=

Reminder that I'm making a game called Kitsune Mahjong!

You can support me on patreon and get access to development builds and exclusive concept art and such from the game's artist uwu

I caved in, there's now a foxgirl shaped hole in my bank account.

birdsite weirdness 

Is this what pridefall amounts to? I have no idea what he's trying to say...

Reminder that I brought this cursed thing to existence.

Fear me uwu

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