I want to remind all users of the existence of this thread:

If you've experienced any sort of obstacles or difficulties in contributing to (any part of) NixOS, please post them there! This includes disability-related issues.

No solutions are expected, no questioning is allowed, it is just a place to leave a record of your personal frustrations without any further commitment.

(This is a thread in the same vein as the earlier papercuts thread; there is no deadline to it and no immediate action is planned, rather it serves as a long-term reference for the people trying to solve accessibility issues, a sort of public survey)

tangential and meta re: NixOS contribution frustration thread 

@joepie91 ...this is very meta, but Discourse as forum software is unpaginated infinite-scroll just-in-time-loading nonsense and I hate it. The scrollbar jumps all over the place and I feel like I don't have a solid sense of where I am.

I haven't attempted to contribute anything to NixOS, so I don't have anything to contribute anyway, but like ... yeah, if I have to use Discourse, I don't want to participate at all. I hate it.

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